SC 007So I Can Always Remember…

This is a limited newspaper that celebrates love, friendship and living in a city far away from home. Photos from João Amorim, Ricardo Dias and Sara Gomes.

SC 006Adorno / Eric Ayotte – Split 7″

Eric Ayotte teams up with the portuguese punk band Adorno for a split 7″ thats coming out in time for their tour over europe (summer 2010).
This is a release between Adagio records, Browntown and Sleep City.

SC 005Eric Ayotte – Wavering CD

Brand new full length from Eric Ayotte. He picked up from where he left at the 7″ and made a whole new magic and beautiful record with his voice and guitar. This is a co-release with Plan-it-X records. Euro kids, get in touch.

SC 004Young Governor – 7″ + book

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Toronto’s “Young Governor” is Ben Cook’s (Fucked Up, The Bitters, Marvelous Darlings, No Warning, …) solo/one-man band, garage-punk oriented. This release is not only a 7″ vinyl but also a 104 pages book collecting illustrations, stories and photos from artists all over the world.
Thank you: Ben Cook, Daniel Abensour, Steve Larder, Hiro Tanaka, Dan TheTesko, Vera Marmelo, Emma Kelly, Mirena Ossorno, Moira Cassidy, Raquel Fialho, HAZ, Matthew Walkerdine Armitage, Holly Maguire, Fernando Serrano, Irena Zablotska, Danielle Nemet, Manuel Donada, Miguel Meruje, Mihail Mihaylov, John Reyes, Rudi De Wet, Bosque Estudio, Himi Kozue, Afonso Ferreira, Manuel Simões, Ryan Gavel, Ivan Minsloff, Jucifer, Pedro Prata, Thursday Friday, Pedro Lourenço, Matthias Lehmann, Brandon Jan Blommaert, 3501, Ricardo Martins, Gabriel Graham, Tom Edwards, Emmanuel Hourquet, Luis Nove Segundos, Bert Scholten and King Dif.
10€ / 12$

SC 003Lobster / The Sound of Typewriters – split 7″SOLD OUT!

This is a split record between 4 friends that besides this 2 bands have millions of others in the same rehearsal space. Lobster and sound of typewriters are both a duo. Lobster have guitars and drums, Sound of Typewriters have bass and drums. Both suit the post-rock genre but each one do it on their own way. I think both bands have much better songs here than on their previous releases and I’m curious to see what they will do next. Its a split release between Sleep City and Rock it Records, from Portugal aswell. Pink vinyl!
5€ / 7$


This is a collaboration between Bráulio Amado, Patrick Kindlon and Rita Luis.
The whole thing started around a series of illustrations that could be interpreted and read backwards. Two stories came out of this: “Full of hot air” by Patrick Kindlon and “Cabeza. Pelo.” by Rita Luis.
B&W printed digitally in hard paper. This is the number 1 of the AGUDA series. #2 coming by the end of the year.
3€ / 5$

SC 001ERIC AYOTTE – Selftitled 7″

I’m a huge fan of Plan-it-X records and most of the bands they release. They were putting out the new stuff from a band called Halo Fauna and while I was writing an email to order their CD I came across their vocalist’s acoustic solo project. I ended up ordering both records and got to know more about their other projects besides the band (they are part of and Eric runs the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival).
I wanted to start a label where I could put out not only music but also books, screenprints and whatever I want, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start than releasing what I was listening to non-stop at that moment.
I thought about only releasing things from my friends or people I already knew, but this turned out to be a nice excuse to get to know a little bit more about bands I like and keep track of what they are doing. Maybe that’s the reason I asked Eric to write some words about his lyrics so that whoever listens to it get to know him a little as well. It was also a good excuse to ask Manuel Donada,, for a piece of his work and give him orders. He lives in Madrid, and its one of the most talented person I ever met. Not only did he do the cover but also the Sleep City logo.
I really love the honest and heartfelt feeling Eric puts into his songs. This 7″ is more mid-tempo and mellower than his previous stuff but without losing any of his energy and spirit.
The pressing factory fucked up and took 3 months to send them to me but I couldn’t be happier with the final result!
I’m a disaster with keeping up a distro so if you want to trade contact Nuno @ We Love Pandas or João/Diogo @ Pine Records
US kids, No Idea Records have some copies in their distro.
4€ / 6$, 500 copies were pressed and you may get light blue or solid blue colored vinyls.
Eric Ayotte Myspace